Pregnant Moms Love Chiropractic

Question:  How helpful is chiropractic for a pregnant mom with low-back pain?

Answer:  Chiropractic care is a mom’s best friend.  Besides helping allow a comfortable pain-free pregnancy, gentle chiropractic adjustments can make for a smooth delivery by assisting the baby into its optimal positioning for birth.

It is essential for an expecting mom to maintain a healthy nervous system because she is not only maintaining her own health, but also building another human being and their nervous system.

Many expectant moms seek the care of chiropractors due to low-back pain which is the number one symptom first time moms find themselves coming to our office.  Most of the moms to be that are in their second or any additional pregnancy usually come in because they are experienced in understanding the value of not only removing pain and symptoms but have had such overwhelming improvement in their health and well-being that they want to make sure their growing fetus gets every opportunity to develop without interference.

Low-back pain can occur due to the change in the weight bearing in the front of the body as the uterus expands and your belly enlarges.  For every 10 pounds of weight gained, 150 pounds of pressure is put onto the lower back.  So, if a woman gains 20 pounds that’s 300 pounds of pressure on the low back.  A pregnant mom wants to avoid drugs and chemicals in her system that could irritate or harm her baby so chiropractic is a perfect drug-free alternative.  The biomechanics of the spine changes drastically during pregnancy.  A woman’s joints become much more elastic and there is more instability and any previous misalignments become exacerbated.  If there is a misalignment in the pelvis, that will cause the uterus to have an imbalance, which will affect the baby’s position.  Every pregnant woman I have ever treated has had at least one misalignment initially.

Chiropractors agree that it is important to follow up the delivery of the baby with continued chiropractic visits for both mother and child.

Quote of the week:  “A good disc position lends itself to a good disposition.”

Dr. Steven J. Pollack

About drstevenpollack

Dr. Steven J. Pollack, Director of Pollack Health and Wellness, and Doctor of Chiropractic, is also certified in Applied Kinesiology, along with many other cutting edge technologies. Our wellness center offers a variety of techniques including low-force cranial work, activator, Applied Kinesiology, S.O.T. drop table and more. We treat Low-Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, T.M.J., Tendonitis, Disc Herniation, Sports Injuries, Headaches, and many more conditions. Conveniently located in Beachwood, NJ and serving all of Ocean County.
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