How Can Chiropractic Care Help Children?

I am a pediatric-based chiropractor and after more than 30 years of practice I am still amazed that the public is uninformed about the amazing success of chiropractic with children.

Children respond faster and more efficiently than adults. They have not established an overabundance of stress comparable to an adult. Stress and overtaxing of our nervous systems comes in many forms, including mental, chemical, physical, family, relationships, jobs etc. Children are too young to have all of these complications and compiled stressors. Finding their irritations and causes of vertebral subluxations – interference to nerve supply due to vertebra moving out of their normal position – is easier because there are not layers of other problems covering the primary irritation. Vertebral subluxations in children are more cause and effect and, once corrected, respond with an immediate change or improved sense of well-being.

Most of our children patients ask their parents to get adjusted and love coming to us because they know how much better they feel, and they would rather get adjusted than take medications. Children have a special sense of what is safe and good, and when they express a true attraction to a good cause a parent should not ignore them, just as when they sense that something is not safe.

Mounting scientific evidence suggests that chiropractic care can be a natural management option for children suffering from such common conditions as otitis media (middle ear infection), colic, nocturnal enuresis (bed-wetting), asthma, neurological disorders (such as epilepsy, autism, and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder), headache, and many others.

The medical community is finally opening their eyes and letting go of their egos with the realization that there is significant benefit in working with chiropractors to allow their pediatric patients every option in getting healthier naturally.

Chiropractic is not the cure all for every ailment limiting a child’s health but it is an excellent and safe way to get your child’s general health condition evaluated.

Dr. Pollack, director of the Pollack Health and Wellness Center, has been in practice for 31 years. He is a founding member of the ICPA – International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and CPP – Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics. For more information on how chiropractic can help you and your loved ones, visit our website at or call us at 732-244-0222 to set up an appointment.

About drstevenpollack

Dr. Steven J. Pollack, Director of Pollack Health and Wellness, and Doctor of Chiropractic, is also certified in Applied Kinesiology, along with many other cutting edge technologies. Our wellness center offers a variety of techniques including low-force cranial work, activator, Applied Kinesiology, S.O.T. drop table and more. We treat Low-Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, T.M.J., Tendonitis, Disc Herniation, Sports Injuries, Headaches, and many more conditions. Conveniently located in Beachwood, NJ and serving all of Ocean County.
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