Does Love Heal?

As many of my readers and patients may know, I was writing articles and answering my reader’s health and wellness questions in a local newspaper a few years ago.  I have since stopped, as time was shorter with the growth of my practice.  However, I was walking down memory lane a while back and I found this question from a reader that I had responded to and published years ago.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it appropriate to share this with you and help you celebrate one of my favorite holidays.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Pops

Does Love Heal?

“Love Heals”

Q: It is Valentine’s Day this week and I have a question. I have seen it on TV and heard it from everyone, but is it just a cliché, or true, that “love heals”?

A:  This sounds like a question for “Dear Abbey”, not me.  I will do my best to reply in the vein of the physiological effects rather than psychological effects love has on us.

Physiologically when we feel better or loved we have a better immune system to fight disease and illness.  Studies done on pre-mature babies in incubators displayed marked recovery and response time for the newborns that were touched and had time spent with them as opposed to those not touched.

We also know those elevated feelings of love, joy and happiness are in direct proportion to balanced serotonin levels in the brain, which give us happiness levels. When serotonin levels are disturbed or are on a roller coaster of peaks and valleys, we can get emotionally depressed or general malaise.

We secrete endorphins when in love (our natural painkillers), therefore the cliché
“lovers feel no pain”. We secrete adrenaline when in love. Adrenaline is the natural glandular secretion for the production of energy. When in love we can’t get enough out of life and our tone levels and expectations abound with excitement. We don’t not need any special elixirs, caffeine or energy supplements when in love.  Love is mother nature’s natural high.

Clinically, I observe patients in love and see an abundance of life in them.  They walk with an ora of glow of bright light surrounding them.  There is no substitute for love’s effects on healing.  The love of a pet or a child can cure and ailing soul.

In my personal and professional opinion, love heals everything and is the omnipotent force behind all living things.

I am not “Dear Abbey”, but I think she would agree that “ Love Heals”. Don’t ever stop giving or receiving love. Happy Valentines Day.


The Beatles

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Dr. Steven J. Pollack, Director of Pollack Health and Wellness, and Doctor of Chiropractic, is also certified in Applied Kinesiology, along with many other cutting edge technologies. Our wellness center offers a variety of techniques including low-force cranial work, activator, Applied Kinesiology, S.O.T. drop table and more. We treat Low-Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, T.M.J., Tendonitis, Disc Herniation, Sports Injuries, Headaches, and many more conditions. Conveniently located in Beachwood, NJ and serving all of Ocean County.
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